AutoBizarre Car Anti Collision Door Safety 144 LED Strobe Flashing Moving Matrix Strip Light Door Warning Light For All Cars (Set of 2 piece)

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About The Product -
  • Universal Product
  • 144 LED Matrix Floating Door Warning/Welcome Light
  • Strobe Flashing Light
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with high visibility for enhanced safety
  • Waterproof and power-efficient light

Package Contents -

  • Set of 2 Door Warning/Welcome Lights.
  • Adhesive tape

How To Install ?

  • Clean the edges of the doors.
  • Remove the adhesive covering and fix the light along the edges of the door.
  • Connect the wires of the light with the positive and negative terminals of the battery through a switch so that you are able to operate with your convenience 
  • However , the wiring of the light is a delicate process and requires to be connected through internal connections , so it is recommended to get it installed by an experienced mechanic.