AutoBizarre Car Head Rest Multi-use Hook/Bottle Holder/Hanger for Groceries, Handbags, Umbrella, Bottle etc - (Set of 2) - Compatible with All Cars with Adjustable Head Rest

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About The Product -
  • Compatible with all cars with adjustable headrest
  • Car Head Rest Multi-Use Hook
  • Space saver
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with 2 different attachable hooks to purpose your needs
  • Durable product

Package Contents -

  • Set of 2 Multi-Use Hook
  • 1 Attachable bottle holder hook
  • 1 Attachable umbrella/handbag/grocery holder hook

How To Install ?

  • Remove the headrest of your car.
  • Fix the Multi-Use hook between the rod and joint of the headrest
  • Insert the headrest again.
  • Attach the umbrella/bottle holder hooks by simply just sliding it onto the multi-use hook.